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Monday, June 11, 2007

Paris vs. Sally

I had a few hours to kill last Friday while waiting for my flight out of Memphis. My friend Bill Harris (great fellow, look him up if you're at Medgar Evers College) and I were lamenting the content on the TV at the gate (CNN's non-stop coverage of Paris Hilton).

We came up with an idea for a simple poll:

Who do girls look up to more as a role model?
(a) Paris Hilton
(b) Sally Ride
(c) Sally Who?

I know which answer my money's on.

As I said, there was plenty of time to kill Friday; between computer glitches and weather issues, the plane was five hours late getting to Memphis. As I told Bill, it could've been worse: we could have had the clowns up on Capitol Hill trying to rebook all of us.



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