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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The "Truth," Politics Style

I read an amusing article in today's Morning Journal, our local daily newspaper, regarding people who still don't believe that Bush won the Ohio election.

Here are the relelvant parts of the article (from AP's John Nolan) from the first and last paragraphs:

A complaint ... asks the Ohio Supreme Court to set aside the results of the Nov. 2 election and declare John Kerry the winner of the state's 20 electoral votes...

... "It's [who the plaintiffs supported in the election] not relevant," [plaintiffs' attorney Cliff] Arnebeck said. "Our purpose is not partisan. Our purpose is to get at the truth." [Owl's emphasis in both paragraphs]
"Truth"? Riiiiiiiiight.

If you want to show me proof that sufficient votes were uncounted or miscounted to change the outcome (i.e., around 120,000 votes), I'm willing to listen. If all you have are exit polls (as Mrs. Owl says, "who's stopping me from lying about who I voted for?"), waiting in line (which we're all doing right now during Christmas shopping season) and the use of punch-card machines (which I too used... and double-checked my ballot, all clean punches for the desired choices), then you're wasting my time.

Are you really interested in the truth, Mr. Arnebeck? I'll believe it when you also go after the "truth" in Memogate and the Washington governor's race.



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