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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Can the blogosphere help Terri Schiavo? Let's find out...

I know, it's been a while since I've posted here. Life being what it is, I've been rather busy with school and family life. Besides, I tend to not say anything unless there's something worth saying.

This is worth saying...

A request has been made on behalf of Terri Schiavo for the blogosphere to advocate her case. I'm sure you're at least semi-aware of who she is and what her predicament is; you can go here for more information.

Every time I see a news article about her, I am saddened to tears, for a number of reasons. One is for her condition; nobody deserves to be like that. Having said that, the solution is not to kill her.

Another reason this is such a sad situation is that it is a most cruel example of how cavalier we are these days about a most sacred thing - our wedding vows. The words "For better or worse... 'til death do us part" means so little to so many. Yet, it is an oath we take, before God and man, for a lifelong commitment. This speaks poorly of some of the core principles that define our society.

Third, the manner in which the state and Mr. Schiavo want to kill her is nothing less than sadistic and evil. Consider: if you starve your child, you are prosecuted for child endangering; if you starve your pet, you are prosecuted for cruelty to animals; if you starve a criminal, you are harassed by civil rights groups for cruel and unusual punishment. Yet, starve Terri Schiavo? No problem. Why is it so difficult for the powers that be to see the blatant hypocrisy?

I realize that the situation is extremely difficult on all of the people involved, and the correct solution (in my opinion) is not an easy one - in so many cases in life, the correct solution isn't the easy one. However, starving Terri to death is not a correct solution.

I offer an analogy to a problem in theoretical computer science: the Halting problem. Simply stated, it is impossible, in general, for one program to determine if another program is in an infinite loop. The parallel is that, in this case, we cannot tell whether or not Terri will improve, nor to what degree, nor when it will happen. God knows these things, and we - despite what some people might think, perhaps implicitly - are not God.

Since we're but mere mortals, we cannot, as in the case of a runaway program, simply stop the process, fix the bug, and rerun the program.

So, if you believe as I do, and this rant makes some sense to you: Do Something. Read up. Learn. Spread the word. And Pray. Not just for Terri, but for all of us, and the dark, slippery slope we as a society keep heading down.


(Hat tips to The Anchoress and PoliPundit for inspiring me to get off my duff and actually say something here).

UPDATE: Blogs For Terri has a large and growing list of blogs supporting Terri's cause. Thanks to the folks there for my first link :)


Blogger John Calvin said...

Maybe we can rescue Terri if we take away the husband's two excuses: greed and fear of prosecution.

Lots of people would donate $50 or $100 to a fund to buy his interest in the million dollars he would inherit if she dies. We could also petition Jeb Bush to grant him immunity from prosecution if it turns out that the husband inflicted the wounds that caused Terri's problems.

Maybe the BIG blogs could run with these ideas!

11:00 PM  
Blogger Freaki said...

It is very evident that after Terri spent two years in her “broken” state of consciousness that here husband was ready to “dispose” of her. He had grown tired of his vows of “for better or worse” and was plotting to engage the “till death do us part” clause of the contract.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Collin said...

All of you obsessed with one American's hospice transition should have a good look at the suffering caused by the War in Iraq. There are over 1500 dead soldiers, 30,000 injured on the U.S. side, 100,000 dead and who knows how many injured on the Iraqi side.

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Dagon said...

In a recent development in Florida, the vegetative Terri Shiavo muttered the following utterance to an attorney present at her bedside:


Dagon finds it rather ironic, not to mention highly comical, that armies of religious picketers are fighting to feed a woman who caused her own massive brain loss by binging and purging. That's right, Terri, just look at all the weight you've gained in the last 15 years of us CURING YOUR BULIMIA.

Yes, the sight of the ghastly, shriveled Shiavo has prompted more pitiful outpouring than twenty primetime commercial spots of pot-bellied Ethiopian "don't-cha-wish-we-had-abortion-here" kids with flies eating out their eyeballs. Dagon even feels bad for Terri when he recalls that her greatest achievement in the last decade was to follow a balloon around the room with her eyes. Just remember though Terri, "It's what's on the inside that counts (even if you don't have an inside)."

BULLSHIT. Dagon learned somewhere around 3rd grade that the inside is just the confectionary on the jelly donut (Terri, want a jelly donut?). Put it this way: If Terri were hot, guys would be lining up to picket the hospice and fight for who got to bang her first. If Michael Shiavo would get his wife a haircut (damnit), some Gucci earrings, and maybe a Prada purse to hold her colostomy bag, there wouldn't be scores of you mouthbreathers feeling so sorry for her.

Fact is, people get taken off life-support every day, and not all of them have the combined cognizance of two chocolate laxatives. So why don't you all just go plan another weekend revival retreat instead of butting in on a private family case that is 15 years old.

Dagon Akujin

2:53 AM  
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